About Us

Inspirational and Invigorating: PowerNetwork goal is to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to utilize every available source of distribution (Social Media, iPad, Smart Phone, Tablet) to a world in need of hope and salvation. With an enormous network of programming, PowerNetwork is committed to providing quality programming that will encourage our viewers, strengthen their lives and renew their minds.

Our journey of faith was started with a vision that has now birthed a community of Online Christian Networks that can be seen globally. What seemed as an impossible task has now became a reality, Powernetwork is now a 24/7 Online Christian Network.

For those who do not have a website we can create a page and mobile app for you that will allow streaming on any device; see the FAQ page for more details.
Expand your congregation and allow others throuhout the nation and globe to enjoy your services through various type of media.
With many messages of encouragement and gospel artist for you to choose from, theirs no waiting for your favorite artist of message to be seen using On-Demand.
Live Broadcast
  • Spreading The Word
    Sunday 8:00AM PST
    Thursday 7:30PM PST

    Hebron Evangelical Church
    Sunday Morning Worship
    11:00AM & 6:00PM EST

  • Prophet Clinton Chambers
    Saturday 6:30PM EST

    Bring Hope Alive World Outreach
    Sunday 11:30AM PST

  • Time In The Word Ministries
    Sunday 10:15AM PST

    Refreshing Spring Worship Center
    Friday 7:30PM EST
    Sunday 11:30AM EST

  • Call Us + 1 888.749.0093

    Call Us + 1 888.749.0093

  • Call Us + 1 888.749.0093

    Call Us + 1 888.749.0093

  • Call Us + 1 888.749.0093

    Call Us + 1 888.749.0093



Q: Why choose a PAID live streaming service over a FREE live streaming service?

A: ALL free live streaming providers show ADs on top of your video right below your video page. These intrusive ads cannot be controlled and will also put your church in a position of promoting products to your viewers which are not part of your Live Streaming.

Q: What help will I need to start my Live Stream?

A: We will send you an instructional video that will assist you in entering the correct parameters into the Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2 fields for your usage, Click Here to get a FREE COPY of Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, NOW!.

Q: Where will visitors watch our online Live Streaming?

A: For most visitors, it will be easy to watch your live stream right inside your church website. We simply embed the live player into any page on your site you desire or a page and one page mobile app can be created for a fee as shown below:

Q: What equipment is necessary to broadcast our live stream?

A: You need a computer, an Internet connection, a video camera, and a video capture card. If your computer can see whatever is showing on your video camera or webcam, it means you have a valid connection and are ready for live streaming.

Q: Are there any contracts or long term commitments with your streaming service?

A: There are NO contracts or long term commitments with our streaming service. You pay monthly for your service and can cancel at any time.

Q: Is your streaming service only for churches?

A: We specialize in meeting the needs of churches and other faith-based organizations. However, we are happy to provide service to clients with similar faith-based streaming needs.

Special Event's
  • Are you contemplating a Special Event in the near future, consider using Powernetwork.tv to Live Stream your upcoming Event(s) to a Local or Global Audience. Click any image to view an excerpt or a scheduled Special Event.
    Bishop K. & Rhonda Davis, CEO
Advisory Team
Bishop K.L. Davis
Advisory Member
Provide technical advise to address specific objectives. Specifically, recommendations regarding program scheduling and/or contacting networks to ensure receipt of programs for viewing on PowerNetwork.
Lady Rhonda Davis
Advisory Member
Provides guidance and advice for specific business ideas, product development, and social networking for PowerNetwork. Her services help recruit other advisory board members in using their existing network with other professionals.
Bishop George C. Parris
Advisory Member
His experience help drive innovation and creativity to this Network. The primary function of Bishop George C. Parris are to make strategic plans for both the immediate and long-term future of reaching souls on a global level via PowerNetwork.
Dr. Joan Parris
Advisory Member
Provides ongoing guidance to The Team on issues of strategy, management, legal matters, and conflict resolution. Serves the members within the Advisory Committee by tracking issues raised between the Committee meetings, and proposing actions to resolve these issues.

Thank you for believing in PowerNetwork and your contribution by giving. This network is funded solely and completely by people like you.  By giving, you are allowing us the opportunity to be used by God to give countless lives a new beginning through media and meet the needs of the hurting and lost.  We appreciate your generous support.